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Mission Statement:

Motivating men and women to seek and accomplish their goals with grace, power and connections.

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About Colleen

About 20 years ago I decided that I would be a Metaphysical Practioner and a store owner. At that point in my life I had endured many difficult and trying times but I still knew what I really wanted.

I had donned many different caps in my life. My father had always told me I would be a bookkeeper and for most of my life I held that position. In fact, I still have a professional office that I work in regularly.

You see, I have always had the ability to draw people to me. On any ordinary day, I would find many who came into my professional office needed a place where they could feel safe and have someone to talk to.

The people who came in had one thing in common, a need for a safe place. I shared my time freely and more people came through my doors. Oftentimes, I would tell them stories that reflected what they were feeling or I would offer some insight.

I always seemed to know what they were feeling and what i needed to do for them before I sent them on their way. I am certain this is my gift and I would never change this about myself. I use this gift everyday in some way. My daughter tells me when someone new comes in, it is as if they are drawn to me. Funny thing is most of the time I send them away in a better frame of mind then they had when they first came to see me.

I opened my store and began my coaching practice to allow me the space and the place I needed to do what I do naturally everyday. I still continue to talk to those who need me. I make sure they leave at least a little better than they did when they came into my store.

My mission statement is a true reflection of who I am and what I do for each who crosses my path. I motivate people, I motivate with grace, and I motivate the power that can be found in each of us.

I feel the 'within' exists in each individual. All we have to do is access it, use it, and let it carry you to your dreams no matter what they are.


"Motivating men and woman to seek and accomplish their goals with grace, power and connections."